Data Cleansing Services: Cleaning, Cleansing, & Scrubbing

We specialize in data cleansing services, cleaning, cleansing, & scrubbing with the utilization of raw data collection. We use state-of-the-art technologies for data cleansing of raw data and have extended our data cleansing & scrubbing services into various domains and industries. We even provide business contact information and leads for companies who wish to extend their client base and attract prospective takers for their offerings, viz products and services. Our research professionals are experts in the field and have collected and cleansed varied data through different means.

Other than the extraction of contact information data from multiple sources, the company provides delivery of data in a variety of file formats. We tailor our data cleansing services according to your needs so that you get a personalized feel with our association. We customize the raw data considerably so that the client can analyze the information and bring in the leads. Data research professionals have years of experience working on online and offline data collection for market research and can understand the sources better and faster.

The most critical part of our data cleansing services is the maintenance of quality and initiating a quality control program for every offer. We have a rigorous audit system in place which is specifically designed to ensure that the data in question is precise and the contact information updated and accurate. We do a real-time data review before dispatching the data to the clients.

We collect right and relevant contact information data accurately and efficiently. Our contact information data collection techniques are logical, inventive and unorthodox but the results are proof of the quality, integrity and efficiency involved.

What is Data Cleansing Services / Data Scrubbing?

Data Cleansing is a process of identifying and removing or correcting any information in a database that has some sort of error. This error can be because the data is wrongly entered, irrelevant, inaccurate, or contains unwanted special characters (*@#$%^!). Many data-intensive fields of business such as banking, insurance, retail, transportation, and telecommunications may use sophisticated software applications to clean up a database’s information.

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1. Database Cleaning

Errors in databases can be the result of human error in entering the data, merging databases into one. Before computers had the capabilities to sort through and clean data, most scrubbing was done by hand. Not only was this time-consuming and expensive, but it oftentimes led to even more human error.

The need for database cleansing is made clear when considering how easily errors can be made. In a database of names, addresses or contact numbers, for example,

  • Name might be entered as Bobby John23son of Needham
  • Address may be 143$2!^&a,/ random stree@@$t
  • Contact nos. may contain alphabets or special characters like 123ab@#456.

Such variations are most likely an error. If you are dealing with such type of error then you are at the right website to clean your data and fix it online, instantly within seconds, and at just affordable cost.

2. Ensure CRM Data Quality

Any customer relationship management (CRM) effort, whether it’s a major software and process overhaul or marketing campaign, will fail to work effectively if the customer data quality you have is disorganized, weak, or hardly reliable.

  • Removing of Bad CRM data
  • Capitalization and formatting issues
  • Enrich CRM data
  • Remove redundant fields
  • Getting rid of duplicates
  • Update database regularly.

Stop problems before they start. Perform validity checks on records as they are entered, preventing duplication. As a part of our data cleaning services, our CRM data cleaning verifies that an address is valid and has a mailbox with delivery point validation data. It also corrects bad street names, cities, states, ZIP codes, and other address elements. Outsource data cleaning today.

3. Clean Data means better marketing experience

With many businesses looking to trim costs and streamline their spending, not many businesses are looking into purchasing new software products. However, if you truly want to streamline your company spending you may want to look into outsource data cleaning to a company, because the simple implementation may save you thousands a year.

Outsourced Data Entry (ODE) can help from people tracing to data cleansing and enhancement, we offer a range of flexible solutions for financial and professional services companies. Whether you are a probate lawyer trying to trace a missing beneficiary, or a pensions manager needing to ensure the accuracy of your members’ details, we will help solve your data challenges.

Contact us with your best data cleansing service requirements.

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